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Nestable Racks

Nestable Racks

Nestable racks are ideal for storing pallets or super sacks! They’re unique in that they’re all welded racks designed to be nested or stacked!

Our LN-4 Nestable Racks (or nesting racks) are designed to nest inside one another to save space when not in the stacked position. These racks are often used for bulk bag storage or storage of super sacks. Bag racks can carry heavy loads and can be stacked 4 to 5 high. Empty racks can be nested together to conserve space.

Our nestable racks utilize air space to conserve floor space. Imagine how nice your facility will look if you can get all of the loose items off the floor and into racks. Nestable racks are ideal for seasonal applications because they can be disassembled or knocked down (KD) to save space when not in use.

Nestable racks prevent damage that is associated with bulk stacking of product. They will help protect your product while in transit and storage. They’re manufactured at a state of the art manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO. We have millions of dollars invested in the latest equipment and automated welders that help insure the highest quality welds.

Nestable Rack