We specialize in manufacturing wire baskets for storing automotive castings. Die-casting is a process by which molten metal is forced by a plunger or compressed air into a metallic die and the pressure maintained until the metal has solidified.

Die castings are accurate, are sharply outlined, have a good surface finish, and can be made in complicated designs. Zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys are the principal metals used. The high cost of the die usually limits the process to large-scale, high-speed production.

Die-castings are stored & transported in wire baskets. We specialize in supplying high quality, low cost wire baskets for the storage of castings. We supply collapsible wire baskets to world class manufacturer’s of automotive castings and components to the automotive industry.

Wire Baskets for Aluminum Castings

Automotive Castings Commonly Stored in Wire Baskets Include:
Brake Components
Oil Pumps
Enginer Parts
Water Pumps
Carburetor Bodies