Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has the lowest price on a truckload quantity of collapsible wire baskets. It’s our goal to educate our customers to help them make the best buying decisions. Here is a list of things we thought you would like to know about a truckload quantity of wire containers:

You can save a LOT of money if you buy a full truckload of wire baskets because we can offer you the greatest discount and you maximize freight cost by filling a truckload. In some cases we can offer you free delivery on a full container load of wire baskets shipped directly to your dock.

How many wire containers can you fit on a truckload?

282 PCS – 40″ x 48″ x 42″ Large Wire Baskets per Truckload

288 PCS – 40″ x 48″ x 36″ Senior Wire Basket Per Truckload

440 PCS – 32″ x 40″ x 34″ Medium Wire Bakets per Truckload

648 PCS – 20″ x 32″ x 22″ Junior Wire Baskets per Truckload

We stock 4 standard size wire containers: Junior, Medium, Senior & Large. We also specialize in custom sizes. We offer 4 strategically located stocking locations: St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX & Los Angeles, CA.

Collapsible Wire Containers ship freight class 70 / NMFC: 1566009. We can ship wire baskets best way pre-paid and add to invoice or customer can provide their carrier information for transit. Please email brad@rackandshelf.com or contact us at 800-763-9020 to discuss truckload quantities of wire mesh containers.

Truckload of Wire Baskets