If you are a new buyer of our stacking racks and you intend to stack them 4 high I would recommend you use the “Stack 2 on top of 2” stacking technique for safe stacking. Start by making two stacks of two and then stack them on top of one another to achieve your stack of 4. You will find it is much easier to achieve a stack of 4 using the 2 on 2 technique than trying to stack a single rack on top of stack of 3 racks.

The idea is to keep the actual stack of target on pintle as close to the forklift driver’s eye as possible. If you try to stack a single rack on a bundle of 3 racks the stacking point is so high that it makes it more difficult. Most experienced forklift drivers are amazingly accurate when stacking loads and quite frankly they are going to find stacking stack racks a breeze, but every advantage helps insure safe and dependable stacking.

A TIP FROM THE PRO’S: Of course, a forklift with side shifting forks is also very helpful when it comes to stacking stack racks on top of one another.