Yes, there is a saving on used vs. new pallet rack. I see a larger savings (per piece) on smaller quantities of used pallet racking. The rack factories get very aggressive when pricing large quantities of new pallet rack. If you have 2-3 weeks to wait for production pricing you can get large quantities of new pallet rack shipped directly from the factory to your dock at tremendously low prices. The factories have to keep their production lines running.

With the advent of teardrop uprights with bolted bracing I find that the difference in price between the cost of new vs. used uprights is very slim. Although the savings is much greater on used vs. new beams. The combination of new uprights and used beams can offer you the greatest savings.

It is important to purchase rack that is located close to the job-site. You will find that the savings of used racking can disappear quickly in extra freight cost. The largest rack factories and dealers have shipping locations strategically located across the Country with one near you.

Why is there not a greater savings in used vs. new pallet racks? The answer is that there are many costs associated with used racking.  There’s disassembly costs, handling costs, freight cost to get the material back to my warehouse, warehousing costs, etc.  By the time you pay to recondition the rack much of the savings is gone. New or used, call me at 800-763-9020 x222 and let Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC get you the lowest prices on your next pallet rack purchase.