Stack-Racks-5-highIf you have a warehouse, you must know that having a storage rack is the best barrier between order and chaos. Stack Racks are a great solution for many businesses and manufacturers for a number of reasons. Check them out below:

Reduce product damage
• If your business involves bulk stacking, these stack racks reduce product crush damage, which can sometimes be costly out of your pocket. In several situations, portable industrial racks are a better solution compared to standard pallet racking. Protect your loads during material handling and shipping by stacking many units high. This prevents load-on-load contact that affects your final shipped product. Our stack racks are designed to carry even the most difficult-to-handle items, safely and securely.

Increase bin capacity
• Stack racks increase your bin capacity by 66%! This, of course, leads to more bottom line return on investment. Pure and simple: the more product you can store, the better. Capacities range from 2,000 – 4,000 LBS capacity, allowing you to move more material and cut handling time. The space within a stack rack is non-confining and can accommodate more than your standard wooden pallet rack. On top of all of this, stacking racks can safely stack up to five high, allowing even more space for product.

More flexible
• Speaking of stacking, this is what makes them so flexible! At first, they allow you to densely store product in your warehouse. However, once you need the space, they can be knocked-down, moved easily and stored anywhere! This valuable new space can now be used for other purposes, meanwhile transporting is so much easier than pallet racks. A large amount of broken down racks can be easily lifted and stacked with a forklift or pallet jack. Far and away, stack racks re the most flexible option.

Added benefits:
• Manufactured in the USA
• Built to last
• Option for custom design
• Better product identification and handling
• Plus much more!

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