Selective pallet rack is the most popular and least expensive pallet rack system in the world!
Our biggest seller is Teardrop pallet rack, which got its name from the teardrop shaped hole on the face of the upright. Teardrop rack is the universal selective pallet rack system, and nearly all manufacturers make an interchange or knock off. We sell the original Interlake pallet rack. Other popular brands and styles we can sell include: Husky, Ridg-U-Rak, Republic (Keystone), Sturdi-Bilt, Unarco T-Bolt, Speedrack, Paltier, Penco and Structural Racking.
The two common components of selective pallet rack include upright frames (with welded or bolted diagonal & horizontal bracing with footplates) and load beams (also called beams, crossbeams or step beams). Pallet rack accessories include anchors, leveling shims, row spacers, pallet supports, wire decking, corrugated deck, post protectors and end of aisle protectors.
Whether it’s a few sections of pallet rack or the design, supply and complete turn-key systems installation, we can handle any project successfully from start to finish. At Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC you will find the largest in-stock inventory of brand new factory fresh rack to choose from. We carry a wide variety of beams, frames and decking alternatives.
Our Selective Pallet Rack Features and Benefits Include:
Increase pallet storage density and handling efficiency with selective pallet rack.
You have the confidence in knowing that we sell Interlake Mecalux Pallet Rack, The industry standard, offering you the unique combination of quality and low cost.
Many sizes to choose from (welded or bolted). Popular uprights heights include: 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’ & 24’ height. Popular beam lengths include: 96”, 108”, 120” & 144” length. Capacities from 4,000 – 7,000 LBS per level.
Largest inventory of new and used pallet racks In-stock for quick shipment. Our strategically located facilities in St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, Sumter, Dallas, San Diego & Los Angeles save you money on freight.
Friendly and knowledgeable sales staff ready to discuss your requirement and send you a prompt professional quotation. We’re just a click away at or call 800-763-9020. Let us help answer your questions.