As I tell my customers, I will sell you rack any way you want to buy it. But I want to make sure your aware that your local building officials may require that you pull a permit before you install your pallet racks. It has to do with earthquakes. Now don’t kill the messenger and before you storm off please let me explain. If your buying pallet rack I want to protect you from making a very costly mistake. Try telling the boss that the $30,000.00 of pallet rack that you just bought won’t meet the codes as the building inspector puts a yellow tape around the rack. That’s the wrong time to find out you needed to pull a permit.

I can make things real easy for you. I can have the engineers at the factory run a free seismic analysis to make sure that the rack that I’m quoting will meet your local building codes. Then it’s up to you if you want to pull the permit. Atleast you have the peace of mind knowing that the rack that you purchased could meet the codes. Here’s how it works. I need the answers to three simple questions:

1. What is the city, state & zip code where the rack is being installed?

2. How many beam levels (or shelf levels) do you have in your rack and how many inches apart are they spaced in relation to the floor? (Example: Storing 4 pallets high=Pallets on the floor, 1st beam level @ 48″ off the floor, 2nd beam level @ 96″ off the floor & 3rd (top) beam level @ 144″ off the floor.)

3. What is the average amount of weight your storing on each beam level (or shelf level)? Another way to ask this question is what is the average weight per pallet and how many pallets do you store on a beam level?

After getting the answers to the questions above I can send you a seismic rack quotation with the following special notes: (For Example) Material has seismic pre-calcs. for MO 63045. All frames have a 5″ x 7″ x 3/8″ enlarged seismic footplates. Customer is storing pallets on the floor plus three beam levels above. Beam levels spaced 48″ apart. *See diagram. Customer is storing 1500 lbs. Ave. pallet weight. Customer is storing 3000 lbs. Ave. shelf weight. The factory is able to provide PE stamped and approved drawings (required for permitting) for approx. $950.00-$1500.00. Permitting by others.

Seismic Pallet Rack