Unarco Structural Pallet Rack Photo

UNARCO Structural Pallet Rack

Unarco Structural pallet racking serves as a heavy-duty solution engineered to endure significant weight loads and challenging environments. Made from thick steel, this type of racking is welded together to deliver remarkable strength and durability. It is typically used in applications where stored products require a strong and stable support structure, making its use widespread in manufacturing and distribution centers.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Structural Pallet Racking refers to a specific type of pallet racking system designed for the storage of palletized loads within warehouses and distribution centers. It is characterized by its construction using structural steel components such as vertical uprights, horizontal beams, and diagonal braces. These components are securely bolted together to form a durable framework capable of withstanding heavy loads, making it well-suited for industrial and commercial applications in challenging environments.

The system’s design allows for flexibility in configuration, with adjustable beams enabling accommodation of various inventory types. Also, accessories such as wire decking, pallet supports, and row spacers can be used to improve safety and operational efficiency.

UNARCO Material Handling specializes in manufacturing and distributing storage solutions tailored for warehouses and distribution centers, including its popular product — structural pallet racking systems.

These pallet racking systems serve as a heavy-duty storage solution designed mainly for large and heavy items such as pallets and industrial products. Constructed from structural steel components, these systems are exceptionally durable, ensuring its ability to withstand large loads and handle the challenges posed by harsh warehouse environments.

Using vertical uprights, horizontal beams, and diagonal braces, the system’s components are securely bolted together, creating a stable and strong framework. Also, the adjustable beams provide flexibility in configuring the system’s height, catering to diverse inventory requirements.

To improve safety and efficiency, UNARCO’s structural pallet racking incorporates a range of accessories, including wire decking, pallet supports, and row spacers. UNARCO’s structural pallet racking remains a reliable and sturdy storage solution designed to meet the demands of warehouses and distribution centers.