Stackable Coin Pallets

26″ x 40″ x 29-1/2″ h. (20-1/2″ Inside Useable Height) Stackable Coin Pallets. New. 3,000 LBS capacity. Collapsible with Hinged Fold Down Sides. Heavy 11 GA steel deck. Side Rails on the 26″ short side. Color: Green. NOTE: See Drawing RM-1577 for details.

SPECIAL NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 18-20 weeks. FOB: Atlanta, GA.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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The Federal Reserve uses what is called “Coin Pallets” to store bags of coins. These bulk coin storage pallets are stackable racks that offer flexible storage. They are portable, stackable and knock-down for space savings when not in use or freight savings on return shipments.

Stackable bulk coin storage pallets allow you to maximize storage space in your warehouse. Increase handling efficiency by storing bags of coins on our nestable coin racks. Better utilize vertical ceiling height in your warehouse by using stackable coin racks that can stack up to 5 high.

The Federal Reserve Bank packages coins in plastic or canvas bags and those bags are stacked on our special coin pallets. These bags have color coded seals. Our bulk coin storage pallets allow for easy visual inspection of baes while in the stacked and stored position. The bags must me stacked on coin pallets with all of the labels facing outward.