Stack Rack Decking Styles

Stack Rack Standard Features

A stack rack is pretty basic in that it has two primary components: A base and a set of 4 removable corner posts. We quote it as a full rack including posts. But a stack rack does have standard features that make it a stack rack including standard sizes, standard capacities and 4 base style configurations that vary based on what you are storing and how you handle the rack. While we are speaking of portable stack rack bases, we must include the fact that stack rack base comes standard with four corner pocket sockets and 4 pin feet. And finally corners posts have standard 6″ targets at the top that allow you to stack them 3-4 high in your warehouse.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Standard / Stock Sizes – 48″ L. x 48″ W. x 60″ H. and 60″ L. x 60″ W. x 60″ H. (We specialize in custom sizes. We can design a stack rack around your load size)

Capacities: 2,000 LBS, 2,500 LBS, 3,000 LBS, 4,000 LBS. (Stackable 4 high)

Base Styles – B-2 (Two way entry), B-4 (Four way Entry), B-5 (Four way Entry with Extra Supports for Long Racks, AKA Tic-Tac-Toe base pattern), Custom base configuration

Standard Decking Style – Open Base – B-2, B-4, B-5 (No Decking)

Removable Corner Posts – Available in a variety of lengths. 60″ useable is our most popular. Sold in set of 4 pieces, unless specified.

9″ or 12″ Corner Pocket Sockets – Portable stack racks have 4 corner pocket sockets located in the 4 corners of the rack. They are constructed of 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ square pipe in either 9″ h. (Standard) or 12″ h. (Heavy Duty) and are designed for accepting removable corner posts. 

6″ Targets / Stacking Cups – On top of post (Standard configuration), On bottom of posts (Custom configuration).

Pin Feet / Pintles – Stacking Pin feet are located on bottom of all 4 corners below the pocket sockets.

Color – Durable and Attractive Orange Powder Coat paint finish. (Other colors available)