Stack Rack Decking Styles

Stack Rack with B-2 Base offers 2 Way Entry


48” x 48” x 69” H. (61” Inside Usable Height) Stack Rack with B-2 Base. New. 2500 lbs. Capacity. Stackable 4 high. Includes wire mesh deck. Color: Orange or Gray. Weight: 130 LBS. Part Number: 484869SR-B2

NOTES: Other sizes available – just ask. Est. Lead Time: (with wire decking) In stock (without wire decking) 6-8 weeks. FOB: OHIO

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

These portable stack racks with B-2 Base affect only how you pick up the rack, not how you load it. You can load material on our steel stack racks from all 4 sides, but when you pick it up you should pick it up from recommended sides.

Stack racks with B-2 base style offers 2 way entry means that you can fork it from opposite sides. The pictures show which side is the proper side but just so you know, you should fork a B-2 base so that the 2 interior support bars cross your forks. That gives is more stability and prevents forks from popping through the mesh.

The only way you will get to choose the base style is if you add accessories to your portable stack racks which will add up to 6-8 weeks lead time. If you choose one of our standard 5 stock sizes you will be getting the base we give you, which is B-2 base on 48″ x 48″ steel stack racks and upgraded B-5 base on all larger sizes.

Why do we stock 48″ x 48″ stack racks with B-2 base you may ask? The reason is that most forks on a forklift are 48″ or longer and therefore will protrude out the other of the stack rack offering full support. Therefore if the forks on your forklift are 48″ or longer you can fork a 48″ x 48″ stack rack from all 4 sides.

Portable Stack Racks with B-2 base is less expensive than the same racks with B-4 or B-5 base patterns which makes it a popular base pattern BUT we typically only recommended B-2 base pattern for smaller size steel stack racks. B-2 base can be limiting in that you can only fork and load stack racks from two opposite sides.