Millwork Rack with M-Dividers
Millwork Rack with M-Dividers and ProDeck50

Millwork Storage Rack Bay with M-Dividers


PROPOSED LAYOUT: 1 Free-Standing Starter Bay. These units are modular and can be attached together to create a run or row by using 1 starter bay and adjoining adder bays. Bays sharing common uprights. DEFINITION OF A BAY: A Bay is 12′ high x 42″ deep x 96″ wide (99″ O.C) with top beam level, bottom beam level inches off the floor with ProDeck50 punched steel decking + 3 mid level back beams and M-Dividers.


(2) – 12′ h. x 42″ d. Teardrop Upright Frame. New. 3″ x 2-11/16″ x 14 GA. steel column. Galvanized Bolted Bracing. 20,867 lbs. capacity @ 48″ vertical beam spacing. Includes 4-11/16″ d. x 5-5/16″ w. x 1/8″ foot plates. Color: Blue. Weight: 77 LBS. Part Number: T029412

(7) – 96″ x 4″ Teardrop step beam. New. 5,370 lbs. capacity/pair. 1-5/8″ step. Includes factory installed piston lock. Color: Orange. Weight: 24 LBS. Part Number: U0200366

(4) – 4-1/4″ x 1/2″ Anchor Bolts. New. Weight: 0.22 LBS. Part Number: T0034139

(9) – 36″ D. x 72″ H. M-Divider. New. Constructed of 1″ Thick Tubing. Color: Orange. Weight: 13.7 LBS. Part Number: U0200059

(4) – 38.375″ deep (FOR 42″ DEEP RACK) x 24″ wide x 20 GA PRODECK50 (50% Open Area) Punched Steel Pallet Rack Decking (ONE LEVEL/ BOTTOM LEVEL). New. 1,750 Lbs. UDL / 250 PSF capacity per panel. One panel consists of (4) – 6.375″ wide planks with top connections (Which means multiple pieces are required per shelf level). Flush Fit Design. Pre-Galvanized Finish. NOTE: Punched open metal decking is designed to fit into the 1-5/8″ step of rack beams. Weight: 12.6 LBS. Part Number: NDPD504224A20H


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We sell Millwork Racks with M-Dividers and we also sell just the M-Dividers to be used in your existing rack. If you want to purchase the rack and the M-Dividers together, you’ve come to the right place. This page focuses on the sale of free-standing, starter bay of pallet rack with M-Dividers and ProDeck50 punched steel decking on bottom level.

Let us help you design a Millwork Storage Rack system that best fits your needs. But what we’ve done here is give you a description and bill of materials of what we consider is the most popular Mill work Rack unit. It consists of (2) uprights, top beam level, back beam at mid-level, bottom beam level with solid perforted steel decking and M-Dividers.

M-Dividers attach to back beam levels of selective pallet rack. The millwork rack allows you to densely and efficiently store long lumber, sheets and moldings vertically. Allows for easy picking from the aisle. Organize your millwork in our millwork storage rack unit.