Pallet Rack Installation
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Pallet Rack Installation – Pallet Rack Installers

Pallet Rack Tear-Out / Warehouse Rack Installation Guidelines:
• Customer is responsible for providing completely free and clear workspace and staging area for the duration of the project.
• Customer is responsible for unloading and staging material at the erection site unless otherwise noted in the quote. Additional charges apply for unloading material.
• Quote is based on a single trip to the job site per day with continuous work.
• Quote is based on normal working hours (7:00 am – 7:00 pm) Monday – Friday in ambient temperature unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to starting the project. Additional charges may apply for hours and temperature outside of these boundaries.
• Any down time for the installation crew caused by the customer will be billed at $45.00 per hour, per man on job site.
• Warehouse Rack & Shelf is not responsible for the removal of trash except that produced by us during the course of the project.
• Customer to provide access to a dumpster for the duration of the warehouse rack installation.
• Material and equipment to be stored on site in an area directly adjacent to where material will be erected or torn down.
• Electrical power must be available throughout the project within 150’ of the erection or tear out site.
• Any adjustments in additional material or labor to the original drawings or quote will require an adjusted PO or signed work order before the work can be completed.
• If at any point during the installation these guidelines are not being met, the crew will cease work and the customer will be billed accordingly.
• Warehouse Rack & Shelf is not responsible for engineering calculations and permitting unless specifically stated on the quote.
• Customer is responsible for all sprinkler system requirements, safety lighting or any other building code or safety codes that are a result of the installation of storage equipment.
• Warehouse Rack & Shelf will take every precaution to prevent but is not liable for scratches or damage done to finished floors as a result of the installation of material handling equipment.
• By signing below, you certify that you have read these guidelines, that you know and understand the meaning and intent of this agreement and that you are entering this agreement knowingly and voluntarily.
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Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC supply’s installation services for new and used pallet rack, shelving and industrial equipment. Whether its a union or non-union install – we can handle it. We work with a network of experienced pallet rack installation crews all across the United States. We’ve found that providing an installation crew that located close to the jobsite increases efficiency and reduces cost.

We can provide travel, labor and equipment to install customer supplied used pallet rack.
Assume material is in good condition with all hardware except ½” anchors supplied by customer. Quote is per BOM and drawing supplied.
Assume a congested area with rack assembled in the area it is to stand having to relocate it as we assemble.
Out of town work hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday – Saturday.

Not included at this time permits, structural calcs. (Without original information from the original rack manufacturer . If original permits, drawings and seismic calculations are not available we can find a structural engineer that can do the job. They may need to charge you for a visit to your facility to inspect your existing racks. But be confident that we can provide a complete turn key installation including drawings, engineered seismic calcs. (if required) and permitting.

Current Lead time after receipt of a P.O. _5-6 weeks____

This quote for pallet rack installation services is based on terms and conditions on the following page which is to be signed with a purchase order.

Used material: unless otherwise noted, all material is to be in good condition with all hardware supplied by you. Extra labor will apply to repair or straighten. If this is rack, all connectors, safety locks in good working condition or extra labor and material costs will apply.

Quote: Quote price is based upon information given to WR&S LLC at time of quote. Inaccurate information or changes made after quote date may result in additional labor and equipment charges. Quote valid for 60 days.

Drawings: Final drawings must be provided prior to job start up. Drawings must show elevations, plan view showing dimensions and starting point. We require drawings three days prior to startup. If we do not receive the drawings, we will do our utmost best to assemble. Additional charges will apply for lost time or field engineering.

Grace Period: One hour grace period will be given waiting for trucks or other delays due to customer or no drawings.
After that additional charges will apply for the crew.

Work site: Area free and clear. Floors reasonably level. Electricity and light available. Trash dumpster provided by customer.
Minimum temperature 45*.

Safety: If harness tie offs are required it will be the customer responsibility to provide an adequate tie off location.
The price may be adjusted if safety rules and regulations are unknown or changed after the quote is provided.
It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm these requirements.

Changes to scope of project at time of install: All changes to plans or fabrication of material must be approved by Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC office @ 800-763-9020. Employees are not authorized to make changes.

Project Completion: Area will be left broom clean. Anchor dust will be vacuumed. Wiping down or final cleaning of products by others.

Miscellaneous: We will not be liable for unseen obstructions that may cause interference with anchoring or fastening of material and equipment. Where applicable, finished flooring, sprinklers, electrical, permitting by others (and can be provided for additional cost). We will not be responsible for scratches and abrasions to floor as a result of installation of product.

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