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64″ wide O.D. x 100″ Long O.D. x 80″ Overall height Stack Rack. New. (60″ wide I.D. x 96″ long I.D. x 73″ clear ht.) Design 3, Style B-4 Base. Four way entry. 2000 lbs. cap. per rack. Stackable 3 high. 12″ h. corner pocket / socket. 6″ target on BOTTOM of posts. No plywood deck. Removable corner stacking posts in set of 4 pieces. Black powder coat finish. (Other colors available) Quote is a full rack including posts. NOTE: Includes two sets of fork stir-ups on long sides. Our standard fork stir-ups are 8″ wide. See attached drawing. NOTE: SEE DRAWING RM-1524 FOR DETAILS. PN. 6410080-KAYAK-SR

OPTION: 6″ x 2″ casters (All swivel, 2 with Brake). (2,000#) with a Solid polyurethane on glass filled nylon wheel with precision ball bearing, they will out roll the phenolic.

NOTES: Lead time: 6 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO 63120. Warehouse storage rack ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide carrier for transit. Requires customer to approve sign off drawing before manufacturing custom boat rack.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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How do the big canoe and kayak manufacturers, distributors and retailers store and transport their boats? In canoe and kayak storage racks of course. Our portable, stackable kayak storage racks are designed for storing and transporting kayaks in a warehouse. This warehouse boat storage system allow you to safely store up to 12 canoes or kayaks per rack and stack them 4 to 5 racks high.

Canoe and kayak storage racks are popular with sporting goods retailers that need the density, efficiency and flexibility that stack racks provide. The sale of canoes and kayaks is seasonal. The advantage of our kayak racks is that they have removable corner posts that allow you to knock them down and store them in a small space when not in use. This allows you to free up valuable floor space.

Our canoe and kayak storage racks are all custom manufactured to your exact specifications. These canoe storage racks are also available with lots options and accessories including side rails, decking, fork stirrups, casters and custom colors. If you provide us a sample of your existing warehouse storage rack we can design ours to be 100% compatible and stackable or we can design a rack to meet your needs.

Kayak storage racks can have casters that allow it to roll around your warehouse but they are typically handled with forklift trucks. Imagine stacks of boats stored in dense stacks and transported to the dock when needed to be picked individually or the whole rack to be loaded on a truck for transportation to other facilities. Canoe storage racks help prevent damage associated with stacking, moving and transporting canoes and kayaks.

When I say kayak storage racks you probably think of racks for a car, truck, garage or wall BUT our canoe storage racks are designed for warehouses. These warehouse boat storage racks are simply the best way to bulk store kayaks and canoes in a warehouse or on a trailer.