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Pallet Rack with Custom Paint Colors

We specialize in providing pallet rack in custom paint colors to match your companies logo or brand. By pallet rack we mean uprights and beams. We offer 12 standard paint colors and can also do special paint colors. Here is an example of a pallet rack with custom paint colors bill of material:

16′ h. x 42″ d. Teardrop upright with custom white paint color. New. 3″ x 2-11/16″  x 14 GA. steel column. 20,867 lbs. capacity @ 48″ vertical beam spacing. Includes 4-11/16″ d. x 5-5/16″ w. x 1/8″ foot plates. Color: White. Part Number: T0202717-WHITE

96″ x 4″ Teardrop step beam with custom white paint color. New. 5,340 lbs. capacity/pair. 1-5/8″ step. Includes factory installed piston lock. Color: White. Part Number: U0200366-WHITE

NOTES: DUE TO CUSTOM NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT WE REQUIRE A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY OF 15 UPRIGHTS and 60 BEAMS.  We do not stock pallet rack in custom paint colors. There is a 6-8 week lead time for pallet rack with custom paint colors. FOB: Chicago, IL, North East, PA, Sumpter, SC

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

We offer pallet rack uprights and beams in 12 custom pallet rack color options that are ideal for retail, industrial and warehouse facilities. You can be sure that each coating is applied using our state of the art powder coat paint facility (one of the largest in the country) that ensures you get a premium paint finish.

Custom paint colors makes your pallet rack system stand out. Go ahead and make a statement with the color of your custom pallet rack. Your facility and pallet rack will project an image different from the rest. We make it possible for you to get your pallet rack system in a rainbow of colors.

Pick a custom pallet rack color to match your companies corporate logo or brand color. Interlake standard pallet rack colors have always been vista green uprights and safety orange beams. Than Mecalux introduced the royal blue uprights. We offer pallet racking in a range of colors including black, white, oyster white, light retail gray, forest green, lake green, bright yellow, cobalt blue, ocean blue, crimson red and bright orange.

We can even match custom pallet rack colors if you are able to provide an RAL paint code number. Sometimes custom colors will require a paint blow out charge of $400.00. We do not stock pallet rack in custom colors. There are just too many options. Pallet rack with custom paint colors require 6-8-10 week lead time depending on how busy we are. Because of the special nature of custom paint colors we do require a minimum order quantity 15 uprights and 60 beams.

Selling custom paint colors is a tricky business. Some customers can be VERY picky about the shade of color they want and even with the best intentions a paint color can be a shade different. And of course we by no means can take back pallet rack with custom paint colors. We suggest you visit RALcolor.com and pick the exact color and color code you want to increase the chances of getting a close match.