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Horizontal Keg Flow Rack

48″ Deep Keg Flow Rack Insert or Tray. New. Handles keg sizes that range from 21″-24″ in length. Fits warehouse rack that has 48″ depth. # of sixer kegs per rack: 4. Color: Orange. Part Number: KEGFLOW48. NOTE: This is the Drop In Keg Tray Only. The blue uprights and orange beams need to be purchased separately.

Additional Material needed to construct a Keg Flow Rack System (We can provide this as well – just ask):

8′, 12′ or 16′ h. x 48″ d. Teardrop upright. New. 3″ x 2-11/16″ x 12 GA. steel column. Bolted Bracing. 30,000 lbs. capacity @ 48″ vertical beam spacing. Includes 5″ d. x 7″ w. x 3/8″ foot plates. Color: Royal Blue.

120″ x 4-1/2″ Teardrop step beam. New. 4,558 lbs. capacity/pair. 1-5/8″ step. Includes factory installed piston lock. Color: Safety Orange. Weight: 33 LBS. Part Number: U0200389

48″ d. x 58″ w. Wire decking. New. 3,000 lbs. capacity per piece based on evenly distributed load. 2.5″ x 4″ x 6 ga. wire grid. (4)- 14 ga. steel “Step Style” channel supports. Fits standard 1-5/8″ step beams. 1-1/2″ waterfall on front & back. Gray powder coat finish.

NOTES: PROPOSED LAYOUT: 1 Row (TBD’ Row Length) @ ( ) – 10′ wide Sections. A section is 16′ tall x 48″ deep x 120″ wide and includes ( ) flow beam levels and ( ) beam levels with wire decking for pallet or box storage above. Each 120″ wide beam level has 5 trays wide that hold 4 kegs deep. ( ) Trays x ( ) deep = target amount of ( ) kegs stored. Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks. KEG FLOW FOB: Fort Worth, TX  Ships Best way pre-paid and add to invoice or customer to provide name of carrier for transit. RACK & WIRE DECKING FOB: Chicago, Dallas, California.


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Horizontal keg flow racks save you space densely storing craft kegs on multiple shelf levels. The true value comes with increased handling efficiency. Keg’s flow to the front of the shelf level for faster, easier and more ergonomic picking. Keg flow beds are available in a variety of sizes and can be easily placed into the beam levels of standard pallet rack.

With the rise in popularity in craft beers Micro-Breweries, distributors and dealers have been exploding at the seams with new capacity. In turn, Warehouse Rack & Shelf has seen our sales of wine and beer keg storage racks explode. This keg racking system allows you to increase storage density while increasing handling efficiency.

The unique keg flow rack system allows you to turn standard pallet rack into a storage rack for beer kegs. Some would say that keg flow beds are a pallet rack accessory and they are. Keg flow rack allows you to safely store craft kegs and efficiently flows them to the front of the shelf for quick, easy and ergonomic picking.

It is really all about how many kegs you can stock and how quickly you can turn them. You make more money if you can densely store kegs in rack and ship them out the door quickly!

Keg Flow:
• Accommodates depths up to 120”
pallet racking
• Designed for Sixer Sized Kegs
• Requires Pallet Racking offset
• Fully welded construction

• Ships fully welded – Steel Construction
• Made in the USA
• Powder coated finish (standard: Safety Orange)

Variable Width Keg Flow:
• Gravity Fed system – no offset for
pallet racking required
• Accommodates depths up to 60”
pallet racking
• Lighter weight and smaller dimensions
for reduced shipping costs
• Designed for various craft keg
sizes- 21”-24” (length)

• No tools required for assembly – Steel Construction
• Made in the USA
• Powder coated finish (standard: Safety Orange)

I have a reply from the engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions About KegFlow Rack 

Will Kegflow fit on my existing racks, in other words will Kegflow trays fit on my existing step beams?


The answer is yes. If you confirm the depth of your existing rack measured outside to outside and we determine you have standard 1-5/8″ step beams we can provide a Kegflow tray that simply fits into your existing racks. Otherwise we can provide the racks and keg flow trays as a complete package.


Is a 42” deep upright frame the best or do you recommend 48” or 60” depth?


For the 11” diameter kegs, you can put 3 kegs in a 42” deep frame, 4 kegs in the 48” deep frame, and 5 kegs in the 60” deep frame.


For the 15.5” diameter kegs, you can put 2 kegs in a 42” deep frame, 3 kegs in the 48” deep frame, and 3 kegs in the 60” deep frame.


The most efficient use of space would be with a 48” frame.  It leaves the least amount of extra space when fully loaded.


Is standard 96” step beam with 1-5/8” step the proper beam length? Or would you recommend a 108”, 120” or 144” beam?


The overall width for each keg flow is 23-7/8” so you could fit 4 on a 96” beam, 5 on a 120” beam or 6 on a 144” beam.  A 108” beam would not be recommended due to wasting about 12” of space.


 Basically I would recommend they build the racks 48” deep with beam length of 96”, 120” or 144”.


Once they have determined the racking they are going to use, have them resubmit the worksheet and I will build a keg flow that matches their setup exactly.