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Plastic-Staggered-Wheels-Carton-Flow-TracksCarton Flow Cell with Knuckled ShelfStaggered-Wheel-Carton-Flow-Case-Flow-Beds-LanesGravity Carton Flow Staggered Wheel Flow CellCarton Flow Cell

Flow Cells with Staggered Plastic Wheel Flow Beds

66″ H. x 40″ W. x 52″ D. Gravity Carton Flow Work Cell. New. Free Standing Unit. Four shelves per unit. Staggered wheel flow beds give you complete flexibility in the number of lanes wide you have per shelf. It all depends on the size of the boxes you are flowing at the time. Constructed of wide span bulk shelving construction and staggered wheel carton flow beds. Gravity flow racks give you the ultimate in flexibility and durability.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Staggered plastic wheel gravity flow racks give you maximum flexibility from left to right of you shelf! You are free to store boxes, cases and carton of varying sizes with no fixed lanes. 

With the Staggered wheel carton flow cell we are offering you the complete package. You get the rack and the flow material to create one free standing starter unit of carton flow or case flow. The carton flow roller track kit includes 3 components: uprights, beams and flow tracks. It is very easy to install. This unit has the plastic staggered wheel flow beds which are more versatile.

Staggered plastic skate wheel carton flow tracks are more expensive than tracks utilizing span track full width rollers BUT they give you more versatility because you don’t have to have fixed lanes. With gravity flow racks, you can flow a much larger variety of box and carton sizes with skate wheel conveyor beds than you would with span track.

Carton flow roller tracks are used as work cells in production areas, pick and pack areas. They are used to create efficiency in your warehouse and work area. Boxes flow to the front of the shelf increasing pick efficiency and reducing stress of having to lean, reach and lift boxes from the back of the shelf.

Our DynaFlow Heavy duty plastic wheels are spaced on 2″ centers and are staggered to create a flow bed. These staggered wheel SelectDeck carton flow roller tracks offer dense roller beds that insure reliable flow with no jams.

Questions to help up size up your requirement include:

How wide is shelf?

How deep is the shelf?

What is size of the boxes you will be flowing?

What is the weight of the boxes you will be flowing?

What is the size and weight of the smallest lightest box and what is the size and weight of the largest heaviest box?

Also, how long is your shortest container? If it’s at least 12” long we could go to 3” centers to save some $$..

These carton flow roller tracks are typically constructed of wide span bulk rack but if heights and widths require we can use teardrop style pallet rack to support the flow shelves. Requires front and back beams. Wide span or teardrop step beams are used at the front and back of the shelf to support the flow lanes.