Battery Flow Rack

48″ w. x 48″ d. x 72″ h. RiveTier II Battery Rack Starter Unit. New. approx. 96 Batteries stored. Uses 4 Rola Trak per lane and 5 guides per shelf allowing 4 lanes. Color: Gray. Weight: 248 LBS. Part Number: 6BRF24848

NOTES: In stock, allow est. 3-5 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 100. FOB: Plano, TX 75074

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Our Battery Rack is a dense and efficient storage rack that is used in auto parts stores!

This car battery storage rack increases your profitability. Quick-Pik Automotive Battery Rack utilizes gravity flow rack that is specially designed for durable, economical batter storage and merchandising. Each battery storage rack unit is designed to allow maximum amount of space, with high product visibility. The result is a higher profit per square foot of retail space.

An automotive battery rack increases storage density and handling efficiency in the storage of batteries. When you pull a battery off the shelf the batteries behind flow to the front of the shelf. These racks are built of steel uprights, steel beams and flow rails. They are easy to assemble and offer durable battery storage.

Car battery storage racks also minimize restocking. Battery rack can be installed between your storage area and the retail space for minimal handling. Batteries can be loaded into the back of the units and will slowly flow to the front of the system. Shorter depths are also available for use up against a wall.

Improve product presentation with battery storage racks by displaying more product facings in less space, in an efficient unit that is durable enough for high-density storage and attractive enough for the show room. Shelves and lanes are fully adjustable for different battery sizes.

This automotive battery rack uses gravity; once a customer selects a battery, the next one gently slides to the front. This method also ensures first-in, first-out product rotation!