Robot Arm Bin Picking Containers
Robot Picking Bin Drawing CM503530-HD-RPB

Robot Picking Bins| Steel Containers for Robotic Arm Bin Picking

50″ x 35″ x 30″ O.D. (47″ x 32″ x 24″ Useable I.D) Custom Heavy Duty Steel Robot Picking Bin. New. Capacity: 6,000 lbs. Static Stacking: 4 High Max. Finish: RAL 5017 Traffic Blue FLAT NON-REFLECTIVE Enamel applied Direct to metal, inside & out but not underside. Note: Unit is stitch welded as needed and will not hold liquids. Weight: 515 LBS. Part Number: CM503530-HD-RPB

SPECIAL NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 12-14 weeks. FOB: Milwaukee, WI

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

In an effort to change with the needs of our customers we have added a new line of steel containers designed specifically for robotic arm bin picking. As everyone knows, this is the future of manufacturing. Any manufacturer can attest to the fact that it is becoming difficult to find workers who are willing to show up and load/unload for example 1700 billets from a container in one shift, day after day.

The idea of adding robotics in manufacturing is not to replace workers but to give workers more meaningful jobs. Loading steel bins is one of the most mundane and redundant jobs at the factory. Having robotic arms that can load/unload steel bins not only increases efficiency but allows workers to be retrained as cell operators who can maintain work cells ensuring equipment works properly and part quality is maintained.

If you are needing to load/unload parts from steel containers with a robotic arm this is done using a camera system and a specified robot end effector. One of the requirements for optimal performance is to have modifications done to the containers that keep parts out of corners of containers, flowing parts to center of container so they are easier to pick. If a part is in the corner of a container the robotic arm could get damaged trying to pick it.

How do we make our containers robot arm friendly? Most importantly inside of walls of the bin need to be smooth (no ridges, dents or groves). The inside bin surface should not be reflective. Provide bin with either straight wall with deflector plates around outside edges and corners or have container with tapered (or slanted) sides.

In summary, the combination of robotic arm efficiency with steel containers designed to work smoothly with robotic arm meets primary objective of increasing efficiency while at the same time reducing redundant jobs that in today’s working world, nobody wants to work.