Stainless Steel Containers and Vats

45” x 49” x 42” H. Stainless Steel Container Vat. New. Constructed of 12 ga. 304 stainless-steel. 4 legs made of 10 ga. stainless steel measuring 6” in height. Rim of vat to be reinforced with ½” thick 2” stainless steel flat bar with radiused corners of the vat. Overall vat height is 48”. All welds to be sanitary continuous welds and surface finish to be 2B. Weight: 375 LBS. Part Number: 454942-SSV

SPECIAL NOTES: Minimum order quantity 10 pieces. These stainless steel containers are all custom manufactured and not available in stock.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our stainless steel restaurant containers also known as “vats” are designed to meet USDA requirements. They are very popular in the food industry. The reason these stainless steel vats are popular in the food industry is that they are easy to clean and sanitize.

Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction makes our vats durable and long lasting. They are built to withstand industrial applications. I warn you that Stainless steel vats are not cheap. But nothing of quality in life ever is.

Most food production industries simply require storage, handling and transportation of food items in stainless steel vats. We are here to provide you a quality and affordable solution with the excellent customer service we have become famous for.