B3082 Corrugated Steel Scrap Tub with Hoisting Lugs

42″ wide x 72″ long x 48″ overall height (44-1/2″ Useable Ht.) Corrugated Steel Scrap Tub with Hoisting Lugs. 4 way scrap tub is popular in the aluminum industry for aluminum scrap. It’s very heavy duty. Part Number: B3082

NOTES: Available in other sizes. FOB: Chicago, IL. Lead time: 6-8 weeks.


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

The B3082 is a 4 way corrugated steel scrap tub that is especially popular in the aluminum industry for aluminum scrap. It’s built very heavy duty.

Recycling centers, salvage yards and most manufactures use heavy duty steel scrap tubs to store and transport recyclable scrap metal. Business recycling helps the environment. Metal manufacturing companies generate lots of scrap metal including aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and tin.

Scrap metal and metal parts are often dropped into the bins which can damage the floors. We offer solid steel sides and reinforced steel base panels in floor that resist dents and holes. These scrap containers are built to last.

The corrugated steel scrap containers have round corners, skid base and lifting lugs. The hoisting hooks in top corners of steel bulk containers allow you to lift them with an integral crane system. Crane systems are commonly found in metal manufacturing, steel foundries and aluminum processing centers.

Our scrap tubs will increase storage density and handling efficiency in your facility. They allow you to safely organize and store valuable scrap in your warehouse. Stackable scrap tubes are easily transported, stacked and stored by a forklift. The are all custom manufactured and we offer a variety of different sizes.