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Panel Racks | Panel Storage Stack Racks

Panel Racks racks are custom manufactured to customer specifications. We don’t stock these racks. If you have a dimensional drawing or photo of the panel rack you would like – please send to Most of my factories have minimum order quantities to justify the time and expense to manufacture custom racks. Therefore minimum order quantities may apply.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Panel Storage Stack Racks are returnable shipping racks used to reduce damage and loss when shipping fragile vehicle parts and panels.

Steel Panel Racks are used for the safe and efficient storage and transportation of metal sheets and panels. See the attached pictures of some of the panel racks we have made in the past. All surfaces are covered so no panel to steel contact. These also make great sheet glass storage racks.

These custom shipping racks are used in to safety store and transport panels from manufacturing, through warehousing to assembly. These returnable / reusable steel shipping racks are more durable and longer lasting than wood, corrugated or plastic container alternatives. Panel racks are reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Our panel racks are all considered custom shipping racks.They are all custom made to your exact specifications. Please send us drawings or pictures of your existing panel stack racks to help us quote apples to apples and insure stackability. If you don’t have existing racks you can just send us drawings of your panels and we can design a rack to work.

Our engineers can analyze and design a custom rack that best fits your needs. Our automated manufacturing facilities can build a rack to exact tolerances insuring quality and savings. We have supplied thousands of custom shipping racks.