Vertical Carousel (VC)

20′-9″ h. x 8′ w. x 6′-4″ d. Vertical Carousel. New. Tray width: 72″ tray length x 16″ tray depth. Stores 7″ high product on a 16″ deep tray. Triple Tier Tray. Net capacity per carrier: 525 lbs. *See attached drawing. Part Number:  JD2803-6-144-TT2916

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A Vertical Carousel shelving unit will increase the efficiency of your warehouse or manufacturing facility by capitalizing on your unused vertical space. Whether its tires, carpets, rugs, consumer goods, garments, wire, chain, & other spooled goods, parts, or raw materials, we can manufacture a custom, application specific automated Vertical Carousel shelving system to meet.

This storage system is extremely versatile and is used among many industries! Although it’s used across multiple industries, it always delivers the same results. It will help to maximize your space, save you time and money.

You won’t have to rely on using a forklift or other ladder. Not only does that help save you time and space, it also helps to increase the safety of your warehouse. Additionally, keeping inventory off the floor is a great way to keep your workplace clear and prevent any tripping hazards.

You can also trust your inventory will be protected. By not using a forklift, you eliminate the concern about forklift damage. Vertical Carousel shelving makes it easy to quickly move what you need without using tons of heavy-duty machinery.
We sell a variety of vertical carousels, so we know you’ll find something that meets your storage needs. We’d be happy to work with you determine what would be best for your operation.

We sell a variety of vertical carousels, so we know you’ll find something that meets your storage needs. We’d be happy to work with you determine what would be best for your operation.

Vertical Carousel Shelving Is Designed For The following Applications:

Our tray storage carousels are the solution to your space problem. Utilize your vertical space and bring parts to the work level. Eliminate pallet rack, fork trucks and ladders.

Tire carousels can help you solve your tire storage problem. Tire are easly located-no more hunting for tires in a vast pile. Your employees will find retrieving and storing tires quick, easy and pain free; no more lifting or throwing tires in a second level.

Organize your wire, cable and other spooled products with a spool carousel. Safely store and dispense wire and cable. No more lost time trying to find that reel of cable. Simply bring the roll to you with a motorized carousel.

Apparel carousels are designed to hold softline apparel, this carousel can help you reclaim lost space. A softline vertical carousel shelving unit can store over 110 linear feet of apparel in only 17-1/2 feet!

Print cylinder storage carousels can organize, protect and manage your valuable print cylinders. We offer one of the finest vertical carousels to store your print cylinders. Tested tough, a print cylinder carousel can handle up to 30,000 lbs.

Here is a list of differences between White Carousel’s and the carousels you see on this page:

  • White carousels are fully enclosed (paneled) machines; Our carousels are paneled on the sides and safety guarding front and rear
  • White Electrical controls are more expensive and extravagant; Our electrical controls are basic and robust
  • White Machines have a more complicated drive system (more parts) and conveyor method which stabilizes the shelves; Our drives and conveyor systems have less parts/cost and are not stabilized.
  • White Carousel’s along with others are what we like to think of as being in a different field or class. We have competitors we deal with for entry level vertical carousels but typically it’s not White. (The carousels pictured on this page are more like a Honda or a Ford and White is like a Porsche or Cadillac so to speak.)