High School College Athletic Equipment Storage Lockers
College High School Athletic Equipment Storage Lockers

High School & College Athletic Equipment Storage Lockers

12′-6″ long x 8′-6″ deep x 10′-5″ standard height WireCrafters Three Sided Athletic Equipment Storage Locker / Wire Partition. New. No ceiling. Finish: Gray. Cylinder locks keyed alike. Includes 6′ w. x 10′-5″ h. Sliding Gate with key lock NOTES: Position sliding gate to the left of 12′ side. *See diagram. This three sided cage is going up against a wall.



Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our Sports Equipment Storage Cages have features that are designed to meet the needs of High School & College Athletic Departments. They are a favorite of Athletic Directors at Major Universities across the United States. Sports storage lockers combine woven wire partitions, storage lockers, and shelving that will help you organize your facility and save you money while doing it.

Athletic equipment storage can be a challenge. Let us make it easy for you. We can design, manufacture, ship, and install indoor security fencing, wire partitions, and sport storage cages that will secure your equipment and inventory while offering safety and protection.

We can provide small, medium, and large secure storage areas that will give your football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and other athletic teams their own individual secure storage areas. Our specialty is supplying multiple needs including walk-in sports storage cages for uniforms, tackling dummies, helmets, and football pads, and athletic storage lockers for baseballs, baseball bats, baseball gloves, and soccer balls.

We also supply light, medium, and heavy-duty shelving and racks for heavier items. Wire roll carts and lockable security carts are great for transporting, storing, and securing equipment and supplies.

Wire partition systems create secured storage areas. Twenty standard wire mesh panels can be constructed to make rooms of any size and height. We offer a full line of hinged doors, double hinged doors, and sliding doors to meet your requirements. The standard color is gray but we can provide custom colors to match your sports equipment storage cages to your team colors.

Standard sports equipment storage locker components include: Panels, Posts, Ceiling, and Doors. Wire partitions are packaged with care and arrive at your dock door. They are relatively easy to install. Simply stack panels and bolt them to posts. We are happy to provide turn-key installations.