Portable Barrier Gates

Portable barrier gates are used to restrict access primarily in retail or warehouse aisle ways. They are the ultimate warehouse safety products. They are required in environments where customers or employees are in close proximity of lifting equipment. We offer both light weight small 7′ portable barrier gates as well as large 12′ heavy duty portable security gates, as seen on this page. They have wheels that allow them to be easily transported throughout your facility.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Portable security gates are great for access control. They are perfect for sealing off access to aisle ways, entryways, hallways, doorways and points of access. Portable barrier gates are used in maintenance departments, factories, warehouses and designed restrict access while offering multiple entry points.

Our portable security gates are constructed of aircraft quality aluminum rivets. These rivets hold more stress and are rust resistant. Barrier gates come up to widths of 6’ and height of up to 30”. Barrier gates are light weight, portable and easy to collapse down.

Portable barrier gates allow light to transfer and air to circulate while providing safety and security. Insure a safe work environment by restricting access for cleaning and repair. Prevent accidental slips and falls while performing cleaning, maintenance, stocking or inventory control.

Portable Aisle Gates are designed to secure any area during service work, then folds up and can be carried away. Choose Aisle Gates for access control when the ultimate in portability is required. Aisle folding gates are lightweight, yet highly visible. They are easy to transport and sets up quickly to cordon off work areas or hazards. You can link gates together to form any length.

Portable Barrier Gate Features Include:

  • • Steel powder coated finish in high visibility OHSA yellow or a rust resistant galvanized finish.
    • Welded carry on handle
    • Can be linked together to form corners or any length.
    • Includes 14″ stand
    • Fully assembled