Mecalux Post Protector
Mecalux Post Protector

Mecalux Post Protector

16″ h. Mecalux Post protector / Column Protector. New. Wrap-around style. Floor anchored. Color: Safety Yellow. Weight: 15 LBS. Part Number: T0200839

NOTES: NOW SUPPLIED IN COLOR SAFETY YELLOW. Lead Time: In stock for quick shipment. FOB: Chicago, IL, Sumter, SC, Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Along with having the lowest prices on Mecalux pallet racks, we also offer a full line of pallet rack accessories that include frame guards, post protectors, column protectors, row spacers, wall tie connectors, double flanged pallet supports, roll-in pallet supports (for Interlake slotted beams), floor shims, concrete anchors, blue, green and orange touch up paint. But in regards to our column protectors, these are what we have available in stock:

  • The standard 16″ tall wrap around style column protector that is floor mounted and is designed to fit around Mecalux standard 4-11/16″ deep x 5-3/32″ wide foot plate. It is offered in both safety orange and safety yellow colors
  • The special 16″ tall wrap around column protector that anchors to the floor and is designed to fit around a 5″ deep x 7″ wide enlarged seismic footplate.
  • The special 16″ tall wrap around column protector that anchors to the floor and is designed to fit around a 8″ deep x 8″ wide enlarged seismic footplate.
  • 12″, 24″, 34″ and 48″ tall bolt on column protectors (AKA column deflectors) that bolt onto ANY 3″ wide upright column with or without enlarged footplates. This bolt on post protector is narrow and more streamlined.


It needs to be brought to your attention that the whole line of Mecalux wrap around floor mounted post protectors are rather wide and take up a lot of space BUT that is required when you are having to fit around what is considered an enlarged footplate. We also sell column protectors that fit around standard foot plates if that is what you prefer.

Any experienced warehouse manager will know that post protectors are a wise investment. They help reduce forklift damage to the most susceptible part of the upright frame – the lower 12″ of the front column. Post protectors may not be needed for every upright but certainly the uprights on the ends of your rows.