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Automated Storage Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Providing AS/RS systems from a manufacturer of pallet racking and automation with 4 facilities in the US and others throughout the world. We can certainly help with your AS/RS system request. Below are some of the questions we need answered in order to formulate a quote for you.

Are you looking for LIFO or FIFO system? If LIFO would you need single or double side entry?
What are the dimensions of your pallet and load? What is the weight?
How many levels of storage do you require or what is the clear height you want to utilize?
How many pallets deep and how many wide per row?
How many rows in total?
What is being stored and what is your general SKU count?
Is this a freezer or does it consist of temperatures below freezing?

If you have a drawing of the area in which you want this system please include with your response.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

The automated storage retrieval system commonly known as ASRS or AS/RS is the optimum system for handling boxes for picking. The ASRS system follows the “product to man” concept. The automatic pick system is the ultimate in high density, high efficiency storage systems.

The mini-load automated warehouse for boxes is made up of a central aisle between two rows of rack. The stacker crane travels down the central aisle and is designed to automatically pick plastic totes, boxes, trays or palletized goods. The picking and handling area is made up of conveyors and is positioned at one end or at the side of the racking.

The automated storage retrieval system stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the rack. The conveyors then take the box to the operator and once he/she has finished the task at hand, it is returned to the stacker crane, which then places it back into the racking.

The whole automated storage retrieval system is controlled by a management software package, which registers the location of all the materials in the warehouse and keeps an inventory in real time. The ASRS system’s extraordinary capacity to adapt enables it to be integrated into any production or storage process.

Automated Storage Retrieval System Benefits Include:

  • Automation of the entry and exit operations of you products.
  • Savings in storage space.
  • Elimination of errors arising from the manual management of the warehouse.
  • Controlling and updating inventory management.
  • Operating 365 days a year.
  • Multiplying client service capacity.
  • Swift payback of investment.


The ASRS system can be built with one box one each side of the aisle (single deep) or with two boxes one each side of the aisle (double deep). Single depth offers a single box location in the racking. It offers maximum entry and extraction speed of boxes. Single deep storage is ideal for companies that give priority to speed and flexibility of the system over total storage capacity. All the boxes have direct access, and so it is used mainly when the products stored are all of the same category and level of consumption and there is usually no more than one box per reference or SKU. Double deep storage offers two boxes depth per location. It is ideal for companies that require a balance between storage capacity and speed of handling. The two-deep configuration allows you to double your storage capacity.

The ASRS system is made up of four main components:
1. Automated Stacker Crane with Racking – The stacker crane is the device in charge of performing the location and extraction operations of the boxes in the rack system, along with transporting and depositing them in the P&D station of the warehouse. Stacker cranes move in two ways: longitudinally, up and down the aisle guided on a rail, and vertically, when locating the boxes in the different levels and/or depths of the rack.
2. The P&D Station (Picking & Delivery) – The P&D station or the picking and handling area is located at the front of side of the racking and performs the mechanical movements to bring the boxes to the operator, or to the stacker crane so that the he/she can collect them and put them back in the warehouse. It is made up of a series of conveyors that communicate between work positions and the stacker crane, speeding up the system’s entry and exit of goods. The two systems of transportation are either rollers or belts.
3. Computer Management System- The management system controls all the storage actions, optimizing the time and use of space in the warehouse. Its implementation and level of connectivity make it the perfect tool for the unification of the warehouse with the ERP of the client. Its software facilitates the management of processes and enables easy access to all the information.
4. Load Unit- Mini-load warehouses can be built to store plastic totes or bins for both standard and non-standard sizes. Metal or cardboard boxes can also be used. The ideal load unit is a function of the product to be stored.

Automated warehouse systems enable a range of options to be incorporated including multiple aisles, multiple work stations, P&D station with front of side entry, several types of load units, various extraction systems, heights up to 49 feet, loads up to 330 lbs., length of installation more than 131 feet, management system of multiple warehouses, adaptation of custom-designed software, adaptation of hardware to the clients needs, fitting of side picking with “pick to light” and different levels of picking.

The elements that make up an automated warehouse for boxes include: racking, boxes, stacker crane (single or double depth), single-position P&D station (front or side), bottom & top guides, safety systems, electrical and control boxes, communication systems via infrared, programmable robot, IT server with TFT screen, control/touch screen, wireless scanner, printer of reports or labels, weighing device, Vahle electrical system for horizontal/vertical travel, 6-1/2 feet high perimeter safety fences, warning lights and alarms, management system with basic functions, assembly/installation, start-up and training.

The main benefits of our ASRS system are many. It offers maximum accuracy and safety, high execution speed, organizational improvements, modern programming architecture and is adaptable to your needs. Our ASRS system is the simplest and most standard system for the automated storage and retrieval of boxes. It incorporates the rack system, the machine, the P&D station and the warehouse management software in a single product. It is designed following the plug and play concept. This is a standardized set, offering the features and functions required in the majority of warehouses of this type. Let us introduce you to the next generation storage system that’s available today. Please call us at 800-763-9020 or e-mail the President of the company at