Truck load of Teardrop uprights Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has the lowest prices on truckload quantity of new and used pallet rack. It’s our goal to educate our customers to help them make the best buying decisions. Here is a list of things we thought you would like to know about truckloads of pallet rack:

What is a good mix of uprights and beams to fill a truckload?
If you are wanting to ship a mix of 16′ x 42″ upright frames and 96″ beams we recommend you purchase approximately 120 – 16′ x 42″ uprights and 1120 – 96″ beams. If you want to ship a mix of 16′ upright frames, 96″ beams & 144″ beams we could fit approximately 120 – 16′ x 42″ uprights, 350 – 144″ beams & 800 – 96″ beams.

How many uprights can you fit on a truckload? We can fit two bundles wide x 2 bundles high per flatbed truck. There are 15 uprights per bundle. Therefore we can fit approximately 180 PCS of 16′ x 42″ uprights on a full flatbed truck. We can fit approximately 120 PCS of 20′ x 42″ upright frames on a full flatbed truck.

Truckload of uprights When should you consider using a flatbed truck instead of trailer? We recommend you ship tall uprights on a flatbed truck. The only time you would want to use a standard 53′ trailer is if you if you have a mix of uprights and beams and uprights are 12′ or shorter in height. You will find it troublesome to load and unload tall uprights from a van or trailer.

Flatbed trucks allow you to quickly load or unload uprights from the side of the flatbed. Flatbed trucks require that you access the load from the back and sides of truck. Flatbeds must never be loaded or unloaded from a dock. Only vans and trailers must be unloaded from a dock. Please make sure you have a forklift and dock when receiving truckloads of pallet rack.

Pallet rack ships freight class 65 / NMFC: 1643402. A full dedicated van or trailer can handle up to 42,000 lbs. of pallet rack. A full dedicated flatbed truck can handle up to 47,000 lbs. of pallet rack. We figure 33,000 lbs. of pallet rack on a van or trailer because pallet rack often cubes out before it weighs out.

We can ship the pallet rack best way pre-paid and add or you are welcome to arrange shipping or customer pick up. Please contact us at 800-763-9020 to discuss your pallet rack requirement.