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Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC’s teardrop pallet rack is manufactured to RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) specifications. Our wire decking is now being tested and certified by RMI. In my opinion all reputable pallet rack and wire decking manufacturers should be members of RMI. My advice to you is, when you buy pallet rack and wire decking, be sure to look for the “R-Mark” R-Mark which indicates quality.

From the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) website: http://www.mhia.org/industrygroups/rmi

The Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (RMI) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of Industrial Steel Storage Racks and Related Structural Systems. They supply industrial rack solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. RMI was formed in 1958.

What does RMI do? RMI Programs Include:

  1. RMI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as developer for U.S. Industrial Steel Storage Racks and Welded Wire Rack Decking product and safety standards;
  2. RMI members have voluntarily agreed to be guided by the appropriate RMI/ANSI standards and to participate in th R-Mark Certification Program;
  3. Product testing and R&D programs funded by RMI over the past 35 years have resulted in virtually all of the technical advances made within the U.S. Codes/Standards Community.
  4. RMI members prepare and conduct extensive educational materials and programs to create additional value for you as a user of industrial storage racks and related products.
  5. All RMI members are seated on the RMI Engineering Committee.
  6. RMI representatives maintain seats on a number of code and fire safety bodies to further assist in advancing the state of the art in rack design/application.
  7. RMI collects and disseminates reliable industry statistics.

RMI believes that it is important to you that your supplier be committed to the principles of continuous improvement in both product design/application and in the highest Professional and Ethical Standards of Performance as embodied in the mission and work conducted within RMI.