Fork Extensions Pic Round Fork Extensions Warehouse Rack & Shelf is now offering the coolest array of forklift attachments in the industry. From forklift booms to brush attachments we have it all. To Warehouse Rack & Shelf it is simple logic: Determine what the warehouse/ distribution center manager needs in a lift truck attachment…And supply it.

Fork truck attachments allow you to get more value from your forklift. We offer a variety of forklift attachments that allow your forktruck to be used in many different ways. These forklift attachments are designed to give the the lifttruck a greater variety of purposes. Coil Ram Pic

Snow Plow Warehouse Rack & Shelf offers you a variety of forklift forks & lift truck attachments including: Standard Fork Extensions, Round or Triangular Fork Extensions, Carpet Poles, Carpet Rams, Coil Rams, Coil Lifters, Forklift Booms, Fork Mounted Snow Plows, Brush Sweepers, Dumpers, Hoppers, Drum Lifters, Drum Grippers, Tow Balls, Pintle Hooks & Work platforms.