Carts & Trucks of many varieties are a fundamental piece of equipment in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities across the US. Having a wide selection can come in handy in any situation in which you might need to easily maneuver and organize your items in-house. They can easily support different types of loads, which is ideal for all loading and unloading applications as well as general operational efficiency.

A cart refers to a plastic/metal device with pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels to easily move items around within a warehouse. It can be equipped with drawers, bins, trays or flat surfaces to secure items while wheeling from one place to the next. A cart utilizes casters and is ideal for overall transport and storage that ultimately reduces down time.



























An industrial truck is also wheeled, but it is motorized to pick up, transport and deposit single loads that are typically large and heavy. A vehicle can be used in the plant or distribution center, in the dock area (and in some cases also in the yard) or on construction sites where the operator simply lifts and moves it to wherever it is needed.



Increases Operational Efficiency
When you already have so much to deal with in your warehouse or facility, it is imperative that you keep items organized and easily accessible in order for operational efficiency. Sometimes that requires having to move things around and doing it often. Carts and trucks help with this by being relatively smaller than your average material handling equipment. They can better maneuver around tight spaces and corners while the wheels allow for easy movement anywhere.

Reduces Downtime
As carts & trucks are utilized manually, it allows average warehouse workers to easily operate them, which reduces your business’ reliance on costly forklifts. Also, the level of energy required to load and unload items is greatly reduced, as well as the time required for certain tasks. Plus, since they have a lower maintenance cost, that also means less down time to be served for other productive responsibilities. The smallest you can get your down time, the bigger your revenue.

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