If you own or operate a company with a storeroom, warehouse or distribution center, please don’t purchase shelving from the hardware store. If you purchase your boltless steel shelving from a big box retail store you are most assuredly purchasing shelving with a spliced post – big mistake!

The only way that a retail store can package steel shelving in a box that will fit in the trunk of your car is to splice the upright posts. Why is this a mistake you may ask? Because the post is what gives the entire shelving unit it’s strength and by giving you a two piece post that must be spliced together with nut and bolts is seriously jeopardizing the strength and stability of your shelving unit.

I’m just trying to look out for you. I don’t want to see you waste your money or worse yet jeopardize you or your employee’s safety. Shelving that you purchase at the hardware store is not meant to be used in warehouses or distribution centers. The price may be appealing but the poor quality will last for the life of the shelving unit – which quite frankly won’t be long. Shelving with spliced columns will eventually end up here next to the dumpster.

The message that I am trying to convey is that if you are buying shelving and you care about quality and safety, don’t buy it from a large big box retail hardware store. If you are a professional, always purchase shelving, whether it boltless rivet shelving, industrial steel shelving or pallet shelving with a solid one piece post – No Splices. The investment will pay off for years to come.