Durable and affordable plastic, steel and wire pallets are a great pallet alternative, used in manufacturing, warehousing and shipping.

Wood remains one of the most common pallets used in manufacturing, but we’re here to change your mind about pallet alternatives. Interest in using other materials is trending and one of the reasons for that is that people are finally beginning to realize the durability of hard-material pallets including: plastic, steel, wire and aluminum. Utilizing these pallets in the packaging, transportation and handling of your products is far and away the best strategy that is also cost-effective in the long run.

We are noticing a major trend in warehouses using wood pallets and having to replace them frequently, a lot of the time, after only one use! However, with metal and plastic storage pallets, you can expect to get years of use out of it, saving you money in the long run. These pallet alternatives are built to handle even the heaviest loads over many uses in transporting and handling. If you’re a warehouse, distribution center or production facility searching for strategies that keep the quality of the delivery in-line with long-term financial goals, you should use the returnable/reusable option. Shipping one-way with wood pallet saves money up-front, but it is not always the best investment. If you have in-house manufacturing or closed loop shipments, then returnable pallets are your best bet. With plastic, steel and wire pallets, you can get many cycles out of the easy-to-transport material; all while keeping substantial bottom-line cost savings. Not to mention, it helps reduce waste, which is very important in today’s current climate.

Furthermore, pallets are rackable, stackable, nestable! Returnable pallets are perfect for shipping your product because they help to better cube out the trailer (just make sure to get them back, though!) You can increase storage density and handling efficiency when bulk stacking or storing product in your warehouse and then when you’re finished with shipping, they are easy to transport back to wherever you need them.

Finally, wire, plastic and steel pallets are surely the safest options out there. They are easily cleaned and sanitized, so there is no risk of contamination from wood or wood-borne pests. Wood pallets can rot, splinter and they pose a threat due to their sharp nails—all can be avoided with the durability of metal and plastic. And perhaps the most agreeable safety option is that it’s fireproof. They are non-flammable and meet Fire Marshall’s requirements. As more municipalities are adopting and enforcing strict fire prevention codes these days, you simply cannot be caught off-guard in an inspection. After making the switch to the safer option, you might even see a reduction in insurance rates!

Tired of the maintenance and disposal costs? Tired of fixing broken boards? Than replace your dirty wood pallets with environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel and wire pallets. We have the widest selection and can quote items to prove that we have the lowest prices. Call us today at 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert and visit our website at www.RackandShelf.com.

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