Wire Deck on Pallet Rack

  • Worlds Largest Stock of Wire Mesh Deck
  • Custom Sizes and Design, No Problem
  • Stocking Programs, No Problem
  • No order is too small or too large
  • Powder Coat or Galvanized Finish
24″ x 46″2446F-3-2504-4.610.730002″ x 4″63flared
30″ x 46″3046F-3-2504-4.613.230002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 46″3646F-3-4.617.027002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 46″3646S-3-2504-4.616.628002″ x 4″63step
36″ x 52″3652F-3-4.618.325002″ x 4″64flared
36″ x 52″3652S-3-2504-4.617.328002″ x 4″63step
36″ x 58″3658F-3-4.619.625002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 58″3658S-3-4.619.325002″ x 4″63step
42″ x 46″4246F-3-4.619.025002″ x 4″63flared
42″ x 46″4246S-3-4.619.527502″ X 4″63step
42″ x 46″4246S-3-2504-4.618.825002.5″ x  4″63step
42″ x 46″4246S-4-4.6-I19.132002″ X 4″64step
42″ x 52″4252F-3-4.620.925002″ x 4″63flared
42″ x 52″4252S-3-4.620.627502″ x 4″63step
42″ x 52″4252S-3-2504-4.619.525002.5″ x 4″63step
42″ x 58″4258F-4-4.624.527502″ x 4″64flared
42″ x 58″4258S-3-4.622.127502″ x 4″63step
44″ x 46″4446F-3-4.620.425002″ x 4″63flared
44″ x 46″4446S-3-4.620.125002″ x 4″63step
44″ x 52″4452F-4-4.624.926002″ x 4″64flared
44″ x 52″4452S-3-4.621.726002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 46″4846F-3-4.622.025002″ x 4″63flared
48″ x 46″4846S-3-4.622.025002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 52″4852F-4-4.627.525002″ x 4″64flared
48″ x 52″4852S-3-4.623.725002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 58″4858F-4-4.628.725002″ x 4″64flared
48″ x 58″4858S-4-4.630.025002″ x 4″64step
60″ x 46″6046F-4-4.631.225002″ x 4″64flared
60″ x 46″6046S-4-4.631.025002″ x 4″64step

** All Capacities are based on Evenly Distributed Loads **