Growing up I remember my Dad, Bernie, had a job as a purchasing manager. On his office wall hung a silk painting of a “Bad Hombre” cowboy that he bought on a family vacation in Ti Juana, Mexico. It let the salesman on the other side of the table know that he was not a man to be messed around with. He always negotiated the best deals for his company. But one thing he always taught my brother and I was to treat people fairly and always be loyal to your family and friends.  My dad is my hero.

After many years as a purchasing manager my father decided to start his own business. He’d seen good salesman and bad salesman. But his experience in purchasing made him a better salesman. He always instilled upon us to do whatever it takes to satisfy the customers needs. My Dad once had me drive a box of screws 5 hours through a snow storm to a factory in Illinois to prevent a line stoppage. My Dad always taught us that “customer service” was job #1.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC is a family business that over the last 25 years has developed a very large extended family. I joined my fathers company 15 years ago. My brother Matt has been working for our company for 8 years. My mom, who I love very much, has the toughest job in the company, she calls on delinquent accounts. My friend Greg Garrison has worked with us for 10 years following his brother Matt had worked for us for 5 years. Sheri Ostmann, a longtime friend of mine happens to be the wife of my dear friend Jeff.

Over the years our employees, customers and vendors have also become like family to us. They’ve helped make us what we are today. Through loyalty, trust and commitment we’ve accomplished great things together…and there’s many more great things to come. You are the ones that make our days brighter and our work day feel shorter. I want to say thanks to all of you. As my Mom’s favorite saying goes, lets “Live, Love and Laugh” together for many years to come.