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Z-Beam Shelving 2

Z-Beam Shelving

Z-Beam Shelving is a low profile boltless shelving system. The unique Z-Beam design provides maximum storage capacity and allows for particle board decks to sit flush with the top of beams. Economical Z-Beam shelving offers the high capacity and reduced profile. Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2” centers. Black Z-beam Shelving can be ordered by component or by units. Z-Beam Boltless shelving units come complete with 5 shelves and particle board decking. 

Warehouse Rack & Shelf ships from the largst inventory of Z-beam shelving in the United States. We can ship in 24-48 hours from Chicago, IL and La Palma, CA. Rivet shelving ensures easy assembly.

Z-Beam Shelving Description:

48″ W. x 18″ D. x 84″ H. Z-Beam Boltless Shelving. New. 4 shelves per unit. 500 lbs. capacity per shelf. Includes 1/2″ Particle Board Decking. Weight: 97 LBS. Part Number: 1B4-4818-84W.

(OPTION) 48″ W. x 18″ D. Z-Beam Extra Shelf. New. Includes 1/2″ Particle Board Decking. Weigth: 20 LBS. Part Number: ZBX1-4818-W


Z-Beam Shelving 1