Flanged Pallet Supports

42″ L. x 2″ W. x 13 Ga. Flanged Pallet Support. New. 1,450 lbs. capacity based on evenly distributed load. Designed for 1-5/8″ step. Flanged style. Gray powder coat paint finish. Weight: 5 LBS. Part Number: CB-42-2W-1.4

**The Flanged Pallet Support is the Most Popular Pallet Support. It is also the one we stock the most.**

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Flanged pallet supports are simply the most economical way to support pallet loads stored in a selective pallet racking system!

Double flanged pallet supports are designed to support pallets while stored on the beams of pallet rack. They set down into the standard 1-5/8” step of pallet rack beams. The tabs on the ends of the pallet support flange over the front and back of the beam. This flange helps keeps the pallet support securely in place and reduces chance of pallet supports falling out.

Flanged pallet supports are our most popular pallet supports. They offer easy drop in installation. There’s a hole on the end of the flange that allows you to tek screw the supports into the beams for additional support.

Flanged pallet supports are ideal for supporting the bottom of pallets stored in a selective pallet racking system. Pallet supports are the most economical way of supporting full pallet loads stored in selective pallet rack.

Did I mention they are the most popular style of pallet support on the market? 

Flanged pallet support advantages:
• Gives extra support to bottom of the pallet while stored in pallet rack
• They help prevent pallets that are not loaded 100% centered on beams from falling to the floor.
• Increases worker safety
• Gives forklift drive extra confidence when loading pallets at high elevations which reduce load times
• Flanged supports stay more securely in place
• Easy drop in installation helps reduce install cost
• Flanged pallet supports have a predrilled hole on the tab of the support that allows you to easily run a tek screw into the step of the beam

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