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Warehouse Tugger Carts:

• 33 x 31 flat deck, 4-wheel cart with tip-down pintle ring tow package RS Caster, Safety orange. PN. 3331-WTC (Designed to handle a 32×30 plastic collapsible bulk container or corrugated steel container)

• 49 x 46 flat deck, 4-wheel cart with tip-down pintle ring tow package, RS Caster, Safety orange. PN 4946-WTC (Designed to handle 48″ x 45″ plastic collapsible bulk container or corrugated steel container)


-Partial deck

-Corner guides

-Push Handle

-Poly casters – 2000lb capacity

-Tow package with Pintle ring tow bar and Heavy-duty floor brake and recessed coupler hitch.

-Powder paint any RAL powder paint number

-Available in 4 wheel or 6-wheel models. 6-wheel models tracker better and offer tighter radius turns. 6-wheel models cannot be used in areas with ramps.


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

What makes Static Carts unique is that they can be both towed and pushed. They come in just about any size you could want but we do have some popular standard sizes. For years the 49″ x 46″ has been our most popular size because it can handle 2,000 LBS and can accommodate a standard 48″ x 40″ GMA pallet, a 40″ x 48″ collapsible wire container or a 42″ x 48″ rigid wire or corrugated steel container.

Only recently has the smaller 33″ x 31″ static cart gained in popularity. This is due to the fact that companies are wanting hit the ergonomic zone for operators by reducing load weights down to 1000 to 1200 LBS per cart in an effort to reduce operator strain. By reducing load weight to 1,200 LBS you reduce the initial push pull force down to around 20 LBS which is really nothing.

All of our static warehouse tugger carts are offered in 4 wheel or 6 wheel models, the advantage of 6 wheel static cart is that the 6 wheel track better when they are being tugged in route, they are a easier to maneuver when pushed because you are pivoting the cart on center the center wheels. Lets talk about static carts as far as push pull forces, if you have heavier weight the push force of a 6 wheel cart will be less because all of the weight is on the center casters which are rigid.

The 4 wheel warehouse tugger carts have their own advantages, particularly that you aren’t paying for an extra set of 2 casters so the cart is less expensive, and that is great, but only if you have a little bit bigger aisles and the load weights aren’t too heavy. Now if the weights are heavy and you have tighter aisles you are going to want a static cart with 6 wheels. Some people have wide aisles but they just really prefer the 6 wheel static carts because they track and turn so much better and are super easy to maneuver.

Usually people put corner guides on their static pallet tugger carts to hold containers or pallet in place while in transit AND TRANSIT IS WHAT THESE CARTS ARE MADE FOR. Like a hammer is made for driving a nail, a static tow cart is made to safely and efficiently transport palletized loads and product stored in bulk containers throughout your warehouse and manufacturing facility. That is made easier by it’s ability to be towed. With our static carts you can have any tow package you want – you can have the retractable tow package or you can have the tip down tow package.

The static cart is designed to be both pushed and towed. You can attach them together in a train and pull them with a tugger from the manufacturing plant, to the warehouse, to the assembly line. When the tugger has delivered the static cart it can simply be detached from the train and pushed to a chosen location. They come standard with a push handle that is set exactly 40″ on center. Unlike a tow cart which is only meant to be towed, the static cart gives you the flexibility to both tow it and push it.

Even to this day, for some reason many Automotive Manufacturers and Tier 1 Auto Part Suppliers choose to use these towable static pallet tugger carts instead of Mother Daughter carts. Maybe it’s because of their durability and versatility. Really the only reason a Mother and Daughter cart is a little more efficient is that you don’t have to couple and uncouple all of those carts, your just doing a quick cart exchange.

You can safely go up to 2,000 LBS and push these static carts pretty easily. They can certainly hold over 2,000 LBS but when you get to over 2,000 LBS stored on a cart they become difficult to push. If you go store more then 2,000 LBS you are exceeding world class manufacturing push pull forces which we choose to operate under that standard.

The primary purpose of the static cart is to efficiently replenish inventory in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, assembly lines and even large retail stores. They help you get product from point A to point B efficiently. They help maintain a “Fork Free” environment which helps reduce operating cost and increases worker safety. A line of towable static pallet tugger carts can replace 6-8 forklifts in your facility without sacrificing productivity.

TIP FROM A PRO: We typically see 6-8 static carts towed behind a tugger – unless it is just a really large facility. You can tow up to 20,000 LBS worth of carts and products. Therefore if you 1,500 LBS per cart, each cart weighs 350 to 450 LBS you can tow up to 10 carts with a tugger.