• Proposed layout:

    Number of Pallets Wide: What is the total number of pallets wide in the system?
    (Pushback rack has 2 pallets wide per section)
  • Pushback Rack Configuration:

    Number of Pallets Deep: How many pallets deep per section?
  • Number of Pallets High:

    How many pallets high per section?
  • (A Section of push back rack is two pallets wide)
  • The total number of pallet positions stored in push back rack system? (All Areas)
  • What is the width of your pallets? (Pallet width is the side facing the aisle/ 40” is standard):
  • What is the depth of your pallets? (Pallet depth is the side going into rack system/ 48” is standard):
  • What is the height of your pallet loads? (From floor to top of load):
  • Does your load overhang over the sides of the pallet? If so, how many inches on each side? Please describe.
  • What is the number of bottom boards on your pallets? How wide are the bottom boards? How far are they spaced? Please describe.
  • What is the average weight per pallet?
  • Floor Space:

    What is the size or footprint of the area that you will install the pushback racks? (Measured Length x Width in linear feet).
  • Clear Ceiling Height:

    What is the clear ceiling height in your warehouse?
  • Are there any obstructions that would interfere with the rack system (Including heating units, lights, building columns, roof structure)? Please describe.
  • What is the lift height of your forklift?
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