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Forklift Snow Plow


Forklift Snow Plow

Forklift Snow Plow – Unique design attaches to fork truck forks. Pass through fork tubes keep weight back towards fork truck mast. Locking pins secure snow plow for forks for safety. Manual pivot mechanism for angled plowing on both sides. Floating pads allow for adjustment of plowing height. Adjustable springs allow blade to pivot back for safety. Forklift Snow Plow Attachment has a steel construction with painted finish.

Fork Mounted Snow Plow
ModelDescriptionNet Wt (lbs)
WR-SPB-N-72Fork Truck Snow Plow with 72" Wide Blade530
WR-SPB-N-WTOptional Weight (for better plowing performance)45

Forklift Snow Plow – The Premium Forklift Snow Plow is designed for use with your fork truck, these Snow Plow Blades are multifunctional to work with your existing equipment. No more waiting for daytime snow removal. Simply place the snow blade onto your fork truck and away you go! Installation is as easy as sliding the forks into the fork pockets and securing them to the fork carriage. Prevent damage from obstacles and rough or uneven surfaces with trip springs. Easy angling and back grade capabilities for optimal performance. Constructed of ¼” roll plate with steel rigs. The blade edge is 5/8″ x 6″ hardened steel. Counterbalance shipped empty.

Fork Mounted Snow Plow Blades
ModelOverall Plow WidthPlow width at 24º anglePlow width at 47º angleMaximum Fork (WxL)Net Wt (lbs)
WR-SPB-5486 Feet66"48"5-1/2"x48"510
WR-SPB-7486 Feet66"48"7-1/2"x48"520
WR-SPB-CBCounterbalance (estimated weight filled 500 lbs.)40