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Forklift Snow Plow


Forklift Snow Plow

The first day you get hit with a large amount of snow is the wrong day to order the forklift snow plow!

Think about how nice it will be to plow the snow while sitting on your forklift. No more shoveling snow by hand or paying a lot of money to have it professionally done. You are now the master of your parking lot and dock area.

As the name implies, the forklift snow plow is used with a forklift. I can tell you from experience it doesn’t take much to install this forklift snow plow. Simply slide the forks into the fork pockets and away you go. You will be surprised at how smooth and efficiently the fork truck mounted snow plow works.

The forklift snow plow blades allows you to safely remove snow and slush from concrete or asphalt parking lots, dock area and walkways which will help prevent accidents. As we all know preventing accidents is job #1. Now you can make you forklift more valuable by giving it new uses.

Buy it today so you are ready for that next snowy day!

Forklift Snow Plow Features:
• Constructed of ¼” roll plate with steel rigs
• 72” blade edge is 5/8″ x 6″ hardened steel
• All welded steel construction with quality paint finish
• Unique design attaches to forks of forklift
• Lock pins secure it to the mast of the fork truck
• Pivot mechanism can be manually set for angled plowing
• Plow blade has floating pads that offer adjustable height control
• Springs allow it to pivot back for safety
• Easy angling and back grade capabilities

Fork Mounted Snow Plow
ModelDescriptionNet Wt (lbs)
WR-SPB-N-72Fork Truck Snow Plow with 72" Wide Blade530
WR-SPB-N-WTOptional Weight (for better plowing performance)45