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Coil Racks


Coil Racks

Coil racks are designed to safely and efficiently handle reels of steel coil. High quality, low cost coil rack can be designed to handle coiled steel that weigh up to or exceed 6,000 lbs. Coil racks are a solution for steel or metal fabricators or distributors to maximize their storage space.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and let us design a heavy-duty rack system built of hot rolled structural steel to store your steel coils. Our coil storage rack system will allow you to better utilize the verticle storage space in your warehouse.

Coil Rack Frame Depth to equal Coil Depth. Coils must always be supported by the front and back beam of the coil rack. Our coil cradles are made for specific coil diameters.


Coil racks are designed to store full size coils ONLY. Our coil cradles are NOT designed to store multiple quantities of smaller slit coils on a shelf. Small or narrow split coils are to be stored on the floor.

Coil racks can be engineered to handle coil weights ranging from 6000 lbs., 8000 lbs. or up to 10,000 lb. We are NOT able to supply coil rack for coil reels weighing over 10,000 lbs.

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