Textile Roll Carousels

Vertical Carousel For Textile Rolls | Textile Roll Carousels

TEXTILE ROLL CAROUSEL: 14′ Wide x 6’3″ Deep x 17’10” High. (12) Pole Carriers: 30″ Diameter. 750 lbs capacity per Carrier. 12″ Minimum Clear Space Above Carousel Required. Part Number: SSC-RL-214-14-12

Factory Installation (per carousel)

Forklift & Scissor Lift Fee / Charge

OPTION: 72″ V-Dolly (Loading Dolly). New.

OPTION: Dual Control

OPTION: HYD-RR-35 Roll Lifter

SPECIAL NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 14-16 weeks. FOB: Pennsylvania.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

We offer a line of vertical carousels that are designed for storing textile rolls. What makes our textile carousels unique is they provide high density, high efficiency textile roll storage.

Our vertical carousels are offered in a variety of different lengths, widths and heights to suit your needs – but we do have standard popular sizes to offer you. See the description on this page for our most popular unit.

Get your rolls of textiles out of the box, off the floor and into a textile carousel. Not only will you increase storage density and handling efficiency but you will reduce damage associated with bulk stacking your delicate fabrics. Our fabric roll carousels allow you to pull fabric off the rolls as needed.

Instead of storing out – store up. Better utilize vertical storage space in your facility by purchasing a vertical carousel. If you have rolls of textiles cluttered about your facility it is high time you organize them in a vertical fabric roll carousel system.

The motorized carousel system is easily operate with the push of a button. Storage and retrieval is a breeze – no more ladders or lifts. Efficiently manage many rolls of fabric in a small space. Our carousels can be found in retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.