Expendables to Returnables – Are you looking for the best solution in packaging, transportation and material handling that ALSO has minimal capital investment? We are sure that our wire containers will meet your needs! These returnable/reusable containers have been with used as a packaging mainstay for many years, but never has it been a better time to learn more about them and their cost-saving features.



Why wire containers?

When searching for strategies that keep the integrity of the packaging and quality of the delivery all in-line with a budget, you can bet that wire containers work perfect. They are called returnable / reusable because you can get many cycles out of them, which then leads to significant bottom-line cost savings in transportation.


Wire containers are usually too expensive to ship one way. If a product is shipped one way, it is typically shipped in corrugated boxes. However, if a product is shipped in a closed loop application then wire baskets being used as returnable/reusable packaging is absolutely a good investment. You can get hundreds of cycles before having to replace them! Take a look below for more reasons why using these wire containers is the best strategy:WIRE BASKETS


  • Protection
    • Wire baskets are used to protect products in shipping, which then results in reduced product damage that can sometimes be costly. You can ship and store your products with confidence when you use wire containers, guaranteed for great protection.
  • Maximizing space
    • Containers help maximize storage space on a trailer, reducing shipping cost, therefore saving money. One word: stackable! When in use, they can stack 3-4 containers high, which is beyond valuable in the shipping of products. You can increase storage density and handling efficiency with these wire containers.
  • Reduce the cost of return shipping
    • They’re collapsible! When a factory ships a product to a vendor or customer and then ships the wire containers back, they are collapsed in order to maximize the space in the trailer. When you fit as many baskets as possible in the least amount of space, you can then reduce the freight cost!
  • Long-lasting
    • Wire containers are the only storage option that lasts. Reuse it over and over—the quality of our craftsmanship is top-notch and durable. As a result, our wire containers are the best value and will provide years of dependable service in just about any application.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • These days, it’s important to be environmentally friendly. Wire containers used in closed loop applications replace the need for cardboard boxes and stretch wrap – saving you money and reducing waste!Truckload of Wire Baskets
  • Want more?


  • Accessorize it with casters, dividers, lids and more
  • You can better identify objects in see-through mesh
  • Easy access to objects with a half-drop gate
  • Lightweight for easy and efficient handling
  • There’s a size for all needs
  • Self-cleaning
  • High quality, low price



Wire Containers After PictureBesides all these other great features, the best advantage of all is cost-effectiveness. When you utilize reusable/returnable wire containers, you maximize storage space, protect your product, all while saving money! Our wire containers are manufactured using the most advanced high-tech machinery in the industry. Warehouse Rack & Shelf ships from the largest inventory in the U.S., with over 10,000 wire baskets in stock in our five strategically located facilities. Learn more here: /product/bulk-containers-storage-bins/wire-containers/