Aluminum Drying Trays

30-1/2″ wide  24″ deep x 1-1/4″ high Solid Aluminum Drying Tray. New. 1-1/4″ lip on all four sides. Perforated to meet your drying needs. All welded construction. Part Number: 97215

30-1/2″ wide  24″ deep x 1-1/4″ high Perforated Aluminum Drying Tray. new. 1-1/4″ lip on all four sides. Perforated to meet your drying needs. Part Number: 52305

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Aluminum drying trays are used with aluminum Tray Racks or Tray Trucks. Together, drying racks and drying trays are used for drying and cooling because the design allows for ventilation.

Aluminum drying rack shelves have a number of benefits. They will never rust or corrode so they are ideal for use in moist or wet environments. Aluminum drying rack shelves and trays are frequently used in the food service, agriculture and growing industries.

Using aluminum drying trays and drying racks help you make the most of your space by storing up. The more space you have, the more you can store. Maximizing your storage density can help you maximize your output and your ROI!

These trays are used to contain liquids, which helps keep your space clear and dry. Trays not only help keep your space clean, they also help keep your space safe by preventing accidents from wet floors.

Trays are removable, which makes them easy to clean. You can choose from solid or perforated trays.

Aluminum Drying Tray Features:

-Solid or Perforated for your special drying needs.

-Will never rust or corrode

-Improve safety and cleanliness

-Allow ventilation