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VNA Turret Trucks With Swing Mast

Very narrow aisle turret trucks and swing mast lift trucks can operate in an aisle that is approximately 60″ wide. These narrow aisle lift trucks operate on a wire guided system that is embedded in the concrete floor. Very narrow aisle lift trucks are expensive but the justify their cost in using less floor space and offer greater storage density. … Continue reading VNA Turret Trucks With Swing Mast

2-7-09 My Very First Post: Thanks To Family & Friends

Growing up I remember my Dad, Bernie, had a job as a purchasing manager. On his office wall hung a silk painting of a “Bad Hombre” cowboy that he bought on a family vacation in Ti Juana, Mexico. It let the salesman on the other side of the table know that he was not a man … Continue reading 2-7-09 My Very First Post: Thanks To Family & Friends

About Our Company

Rack and Shelf – Supplying Quality Products and Superior Service Since 1983. For over 25 years Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has been supplying material handling and storage products including pallet rack, wire deck, industrial shelving and warehouse equipment to the Nation’s largest original equipment manufacturer’s (O.E.M), distributors and retailers. We specialize in steel storage … Continue reading About Our Company