Introducing The New

In an exclusive press release from Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC would like to welcome you to their new website We’ve also added a new Warehouse Rack & Shelf Facebook Page and Linkedin page. Warehouse Rack & Shelf is a leading provider of rack, shelving and industrial equipment. Some of the new features on our new website include new and improved design, improved organization of … Continue reading Introducing The New

Warehouse Rack & Shelf’s New St. Louis, MO Warehouse

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC’s new midwest distribution center in Eureka, MO. We stock the big four in St. Louis: Pallet Racks, Wire Decks, Industrial Shelving & Wire Baskets. We also offer stocking locations in Chicago, IL, Quincy, MI, Sterling, MA, Denver, NC, Sumter, SC, Dallas, TX, San Diego, CA & Los Angeles, CA.

Tax Incentive for Pallet Rack & Shelving Purchases

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC News Bulletin: In a continuous effort to enhance our customers’ knowledge base and provide them with the best service possible, we’ve outlined the details of a temporary new tax law beneficial to anyone currently installing, or considering installing, rack before the end of the year. There may never be a … Continue reading Tax Incentive for Pallet Rack & Shelving Purchases