Flat Glass Racks

44.5” wide O.D. x 96” Long O.D. x 70” Overall height Portable Flat Glass Rack. New. (39.5” wide I.D. x 91” long I.D. x 60” clear ht.) Design 3, Style B-4 Base. Four way entry. 4000 lbs. capacity per rack. Stackable 4 high. 9” h. corner pocket / socket.  6” target on posts. No plywood deck.  Removable or hinged side frames. Square tubular steel construction. Includes steel runners on short sides and fork stirrups on the long sides. Includes Front load stops and horizontal loading slats to help secure they load. Blue powder coat finish. PN 449670GR

NOTES: MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY APPLIES. These are all custom manufactured racks, we do not stock them and we cannot supply small quantities. FOB: St. Louis, MO. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Glass is a product that must be handled carefully. You need a glass storage rack that is both strong and supportive. A rack that protects the glass while in storage and transit. Our glass transport racks also helps you increase storage density and handling efficiency.

Stackable glass storage racks can stack 3-4 high and come in capacities that range from 3,000-6,000 LBS per rack. That’s right, they can be designed to handle 4,000 LBS per rack and stacked 3-4 high. Free up floor space by better utilizing your air space.

Glass transport racks have fork stirrups that allow you to easily and safely transport and stack glass racks around your warehouse. They also make excellent shipping racks. Glass transport racks help you better cube out your trailer when shipping with helps to reduce freight cost. But more importantly they help reduce damage in shipping

Our glass handling racks are primarily used by float glass OEM’s, glass manufacturing, glass distributing and glass retail companies. They are also popular with glass window, door and shower door manufacturers, suppliers and contracting companies. We have even manufactured returnable shipping racks used for automotive glass.

All welded glass racks have a square tubular steel construction, steel runners, fork stirrups, stacking pintle feet with front load stops and horizontal loading slats to help secure they load. They are finished with an attractive blue powder coat paint finish (Other colors available).

All glass racks are custom designed to your specific needs. Let us design a rack to meet your needs. Please provide manufacturing drawings or sample if you would like us to provide a rack that is compatible and stackable with your existing glass racks.

Glass Transport Racks are returnable and reusable and solve your float glass shipping problems!