rack supported warehouse

Rack Supported Warehouse

Rack supported building consists of a rack system that provides the basic structural support for the building’s roof and walls. The highest density storage solution possible. Reduces construction costs, lead times and minimizes the building footprint.

Most economical storage solution when a new building is required. We can provide a warehouse structure frame storage system for you that includes automated storage retrieval system (AS/RS), drive-in, pushback or narrow aisle pallet rack.

When the cost of land is at a premium and your construction schedule is short a rack supported building is your best choice!

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

From concept to completion – we can make rack supported warehouse a reality!

Warehouse Rack and Shelf LLC is with you from design, engineering and through construction of your rack supported building. We will be there to insure total integration of systems and specifications. The factory has a team that can supply the warehouse structure framing from design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and on-site project management. Offering turn key solution from concept to completion.

We offer you experience in supplying a rack supported warehouse. Experience the quality of our 100% structural steel rack components. State of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques insure the highest quality warehouse structure framing at the lowest cost. We can successfully integrate the storage structure with the material handling system and the building. We will make you look good by helping you meet your schedule.

A Case Study on Rack Supported Warehouse – 

One of the nations largest consulting companies came to us with a client who wanted to open a DC in the KC metro area. They were considering a rack supported structure. They wanted a 65′ clear height with 13 levels (including the floor level). Unit loads would all be on 40″ X 48″ pallets with a maximum weight of 1250 lbs.

They wanted a capacity of 60,000 unit loads, ignoring honeycombing. They didn’t want an AS/RS. They would use manually operated equipment (e.g., Raymond Transtacker Swing-Reach Turret Trucks ) to put away unit loads and replenish the picking locations on the first two levels. There only needed basic ventilation and heating, no cooling, and their materials do not have any special handling or storage requirements.

We provided a budgetary quote for rack supported warehouse with a fully installed cost.  We confirmed that the site would be clear and level with easy access to a main roadway. We worked out pricing for the shipping and receiving areas, offices, battery charging area, etc. separately.

This was a cross dock warehouse with shipping and receiving docks on opposite sides of the storage area and equipped with 20 dock doors each. We provided design, quotation, manufacturing, shipping and turn key installation of the warehouse structure framing to complete this job on budget and on time.

There are many advantages to rack supported warehouse buildings:

Save Money – Lower cost of construction

Time savings – Short lead times

Strongest / Longest lasting – Structural steel rack supported structure

Highest efficiency – Most efficient design possible