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24″ Bolt-On Post Protector/ Deflector. New. Color: Blue. Weight: 7 LBS. Part Number: U0108385

NOTES: Est. Lead time: 2-3 weeks. FOB: Chicago, IL, Sumter, SC, Dallas TX and San Diego, CA.

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The Mecalux Bolt-on post protectors act as fork deflectors and their most important benefit is safety. It helps prevent forklift damage to your pallet rack which in turn can help may prevent a dangerous rack collapse.  Not to mention the cost savings of not having to replace or repair damaged uprights.

If you have Mecalux pallet rack and you want to protect the front column from forklift damage may I recommend the Bolt-on Post protector. It comes in different lengths and deflects the forks and prevents damage. This is truly one of our most popular pallet rack protection options.

A Bolt-on steel column protector is also recommended if you don’t want to drill additional holes in your concrete floor. The average floor anchored post protector requires 2-4 anchors. The factory requires 4 per post protector but many installers and customers choose to use 2 anchors. Well that is 2-4 additional holes that need to be drilled into your concrete floor.

The Mecalux bolt-on post protector is V shaped and acts as a deflector, deflecting the fork from impact. It can be adjusted and bolted on any part of you upright column. We suggest the 24″ bolt on post protector be mounted to the lowest part of your upright frame which is the area most susceptible to forklift damage.